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Oblivion: Leaders Trapped in a Culturally Unaware Blackhole

What is actually happening with our leaders? I don’t just mean our politicians, although they are key culprits. I am also referring to our corporate leaders, our higher ed institution leaders, our local leaders. In the past couple weeks, I have witnessed misstep after misstep, foiled statement after foiled statement. I have watched, with my jaw on the floor as leaders have stuck their foot so far down their oral cavity it evokes the same nauseating feeling as a COVID test swab probing your frontal lobe. It seems like our leaders in many places are floundering. We used to always say at West Point “it’s always fun and games till someone gets poked in the eye!” For me, this meant to be ready to lead when things got serious and out of hand. Unfortunately, We are in a “serious and out-of-hand” era. How many of you are tired of the weak, ridiculous apologies that we are seemingly subjected to daily as an aftermath of tone-deaf, insensitive comments made by an individual who has power, authority and influence? In these days, it is clear that “someone has been poked in the eye” and the frequent apologies give great insight into the types of things that were happening when it was previously just “fun and games”. Leaders seem to be trapped in a cultural Blackhole, the pull of which is so strong that that it prevents them from escaping to a place of greater awareness. But today more than ever, it is important that the