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David has a breath of experiences that he channels to provide immersive experiences with every audience encounter.   Known for his engaging style, you will be pleased at how effectively he connects your audience with your cause.  A quick consultation unveils all of your needs and then the magic happens from there.  

David has engaged audiences across the nation on numerous intriguing topics.  Whether doing a motivational piece, informational piece or presenting his passion work on fatherlessness, he takes the audience on a memorable journey.
  • Fatherhood & The Design For The Family - Center of Praise Ministries
  • Exploring The Fatherless Issue - Grace Fellowship Church
  • Time to Take Your Place - Drexel University Commencement Address
  • Emerging From The Daddy Issue -  College Board, A Dream Deferred
  • The Fatherless Masculinity - UC Davis, Student Affairs Professionals
  • Inspire - Kamere Inc., Funding Launch
David uncovers performance limiting belief systems, while guiding teams them to consensus and execution excellence.  As a ToPS Certified Facilitator, he gets his audience engaged and involved.
  • Board of Directors Strategic Planning - FamiliesNOW
  • Board of Directors Retreat - Marrone Bio Innovations
  • Executive & Management Team Retreat -  Marrone Bio Innovations
  • Leadership Council Retreat - MetroEdge
  • Customer Advisory Board Retreat - Canara Inc.
  • Own Your Legacy - Center For Fathers and Family
David leverages creative and powerful techniques of adult learning to deliver compelling training that sticks.
  • Building Your Personal & Professional Brand - CSU Sacramento MBA Program
  • The Implications of Fatherlessness for College Professionals - NASPA Regional Conference
  • The Idea-to-Release Product Development Process - Canara Inc., SynapSense Corp.
  • Flexing Your Networking Muscle - Sacramento Municipal Utility District
  • Powerful Public Speaking - MetroEdge, Young Professionals of the Metro Chamber of Commerce
  • Time Ownership - Women of AT&T
  • Your Lens, Your Leadership - ECE Leadership Development Cohort

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